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Inclusion is not something you do – it is who you are…

I had the good fortune of spending day with the Kellogg School of Management Women’s Business Association (WBA) working on efforts to make their organization a safe and inclusive space for all womxn across genders. Working with the leadership team in preparation for the workshop, we were able to discern that they needed to 1). Move beyond the jargon and into a deep, rich, understanding of multiple and intersecting identities, historically marginalized identities, and intersectionality; 2). Conduct a critical analysis to evaluate their own DEI intention vs impact and strategize ways to weave inclusion into who they are – rather than think of it as something they can “do” to be more visible; and lastly, 3). Practice specific ways they can leverage the privileges of WBA today and beyond.

I left particularly energized knowing that these young #StrongFemaleLeads will soon be in organizations advocating for their own equity and working to disrupt systems of oppression. Mindful and socially-conscious leaders like these womxn give me great hope for the future.

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