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CrisisCrisis: Custom Simulation Design

Can your team make fast decisions under challenging conditions? Can you process information on the fly and adapt to changing circumstances? These skills are crucial for your organization’s growth and success.


CrisisCrisis is a collaborative of industry and adult education experts who create high fidelity, live-action simulations so participants can train in real-time and make mistakes (and appreciate consequences) without causing actual harm. Our simulations reveal the technical skills and knowledge necessary to manage change, but also highlight judgment, decision-making, vigilance, and communication. These immersive experiences teach reflexivity - the ability to collectively reflect on group objectives, strategies, and outcomes, both positive and negative, and adapt accordingly.


We offer simulations regarding:


Social Justice


Change Management

Crisis Communication Management


Corporate Social Responsibility

Media Presentation & Public Speaking

As always with Learning Designs, CrisisCrisis will customize our program based on your needs: we can create and implement the simulation—or help your teams build their own.

Learning and Organizational Development

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