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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion


Narrative Identity & Leadership


How we each see the world, and how the world sees us, influences our life stories.

And no two tales are the same.


Learning Designs works with individuals and groups to (de)construct identity narratives—exploring who we are, what we believe and have experienced—to encourage consciousness raising, self-discovery, and ways to inspire and be inspired. 


Our two-part, professional development series includes:



Part I: Inter(ior)Views

Creating a leadership profile of your socially-constructed identities

Understanding intersecting identities and intersectionality

Recognizing identity & its relationships with power, conflict, self, and others

Raising consciousness: self-confidence & self-leadership

​Part II: InterViews

Communicating your inclusive leadership framework

Leveraging authentic storytelling

Building your professional identity & brand

Collaborating to create mastermind networks

Many of our clients continue working with us on Personal Branding after completion of this series.

Learning Designs is also available to address Identity & Leadership at public speaking engagements and private meetings. 

Learning and Organizational Development

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