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Research & Presentations:

Learning Designs specializes in empirical research and teaching socially-conscious, inclusive research methods.


Collaborating with Researchers

We welcome the chance to work with you. Whether your research needs are quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods, we are here to collaborate. Our expertise is in interviews, focus groups, and secondary data set analysis.


Past Research includes:















Education Reform & Policy

Learning & Organizational Development

Inclusion, Equity, Access, & Voice

Cross-Coalition Design

Centering Marginalized Communities & Individuals

Whiteness Studies & Critical Studies

Anti-Racist Feminism

Dialogue Across Difference

Leading Collaboration

Coaching Emerging Researchers

There is as much to learn about the process of creating a dissertation, as there is about sitting down and writing it. But you don’t have to do it alone. We’ll help you every step of the way, offering motivation and accountability structures, advice and instruction on benchmarks, as well as support with writing, formatting, and editing.


Presentation Collateral


Let our Learning Designers create your visual design elements. Our experts can assist with slides, handouts, posters, wireframes and microsites, presenter media training and media kits.

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