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Learning Designs was inspired by, and founded on, the principals of Curriculum Studies.

This interdisciplinary field focuses on the theories and practices of education—asking traditional questions

about curriculum, but also evocative questions, including how it is culturally, politically, and economically positioned.


Curriculum Studies guides our Learning Designers to explore multicultural and international dimensions of education.

Particular attention is devoted to issues of equity, access, and voice.

Using this powerful foundation, Learning Designs strives to awaken social justice

and educational excellence in schools, organizations, and communities.

Amy J. Hauenstein, PhD


Our Founder


Amy is a passionate scholar-practitioner, one who boldly teaches with both her head and heart.


An educator for over 20 years, Amy has taught in junior high and high schools, communities, and higher education. She is currently the Director of Professional Programs in the Northwestern University Office of the Provost, and an Adjunct Faculty Member at Northwestern University’s School of Communication and at the University of Dayton's School of Education and Health Sciences. She has led multiple seminars at the Kellogg School of Management and is active in several Kellogg Executive Education Programs.


Amy’s PhD focuses on interdisciplinary theories and practices of education within curriculum studies, exploring how curriculum is culturally, politically, and economically positioned. Her research examines intersectionality, (specifically racism, classism and neoliberalism, and patriarchy within the institution of education, and their influences on multiple identity constructions); the impact of identity construction on leadership and advocacy; and the design and testing of curriculum, teaching, and learning.


Amy’s experience as a first-generation college graduate and her knowledge of educational discourse around equity, access, and voice, inspired her to found Learning Designs. Clients include emerging teachers, world-renowned faculty, and business professionals looking to grow and improve their organizations.

Meet the TalentED squad behind CrisisCrisis:

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Faiz Razi, MA


Multi-Media Marvel

Art Director

Elizabeth Kole, MFA


Branding Bad-Ass

Design Director

Scott Sowinski, EdD


Superhuman Storyteller

Creative Director

Jeanne Sparrow, MS


Renowned Rhetorician

Communications Director

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