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Look Ma - I'm a meme! But seriously, learn to listen...

I had the good fortune of being invited to talk with Guaranteed Rate's Organization of Women this week and saw myself on their LinkedIn group page today. GROW's executive sponsor Lizzy Garner had contacted me about working with them to better understand "systemic racism" in a one-hour webinar. I suggested we start by located ourselves in the system before we jump into the history of racism in the US. She agreed and we were off and running.

To me - anti-racism is a very personal journey that can ONLY be battled through deep, honest, introspection. The more clearly we can see racism in ourselves - the better we can understand our complicity in the systems we've inherited and that we sustain. My own continued self-study works daily to fight racism within me so that I may carefully listen to and amplify the voices of those who have historically and presently silenced - who through their labor I get a glimpse of the quiet and loud horrors of white supremacy. #equity #justice #ally #accomplice

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